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Join us for an intimate panel discussion with female disruptors positively shaping an inclusive future for female representation in branded content.


Coinciding with International Women's Day's 2023 theme of 'innovation and technology in the digital age, for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls', the intimate panel discussion will bring together digital storytellers, metaverse creators, body positivity and equality activists to discuss obstacles and opportunities for women in marketing. We will explore what virtualisation and the trend of man-made digital bodies means for the future of female representation, both online and IRL.


Alongside this compelling chat, you'll be treated to a welcome drink on arrival, tasty cocktails by MOTH, a goody bag and a chance to network with panellists and attendees.




  • Trina Nicole - Inspiring founder of ‘The Curve Catwalk’, content creator and body positivity advocate who celebrates body liberation. Trina has worked with renowned brands from Nike to Very and performed with iconic names from Beyonce to Lizzo, taking up space as a body positivity champion.

  • Kadine James - Visionary founder of The Immersive KIND, a reality studio specialising in virtual reality, augmented reality and immersive production. Kadine is among the top 10 female metaverse founders and influencers in Web 3. As a highly sought metaverse architect, she has worked with some of the most recognised names, from Selfridges and BAFTA to leading gaming studio Epic Games. As a pioneer for innovation and committed to the next generation of storytellers, Kadine has co-produced, The Metaverse Festival, Metaverse Fashion Week, and Black Art, Black Stories, and Black Voices campaigns.

  • Ashwini Deshpande - Digital Fashion Designer at Meta, previously head of 3D Design and Production at the fully digital fashion brand, Republiqe. Ashwini is recognised as a top "cyber designer paving the way for the fashion metaverse" and is driven by the desire to reinvent fashion using technology and innovation.

  • Jennifer Roebuck - Listed as one of The 100 leaders in tech with 25 years experience in digital transformation, brand strategy, growth and innovation. Jennifer's experience spans several industries; fashion, beauty, hospitality, consumer finance, telecommunications and, more recently, Web3.

  • Shannon Walker - Award Winning Changemaker with 10 years of multidisciplinary experience working with luxury and consumer brands. Founder of Social Disruption, helping brands to create purposeful and inclusive communications. Shannon has consulted some of the world's leading brands, agencies and is a sought after industry speaker and guest lecturer on the topic of change, diversity and inclusion.

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