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Weekly Waves w/c 27/09/21

Weekly Waves: A weekly dose of insights, trends and news that has been shaking up the industry

What's making waves this week: Is virtual gifting the way forward in a bid to make PR more sustainable and should influencers hold positions such as Creative Director?

1. Digital PR Gifting

Seeding physical samples can be costly and time-consuming; now, brands are promoting designs with realistic 3D renders.

This includes augmented reality filters to promote an upcoming jewellery launch.

Gifted digital samples aids a more sustainable way to try out and market products.

2. Diversity on the Catwalk

Fashion brands embracing the authenticity of diverse influencers during London Fashion Week made a big impact on the runway. It is relatively easy to spot tokenistic diversity within the fashion industry, however, brands are beginning to show more sincerity when diversifying their runway shows, in a bid to get rid of exclusivity.

3. Are Influencers the new Creative Directors?

Social media stars are rising up the ranks in the fashion industry and being appointed to high-level positions such as Creative Director which is causing debates.Their level of insight, understanding of audiences and social platform are invaluable to brands, along with the added guarantee of authenticity and an engaged audience. However, some argue that their lack of formal qualifications could be problematic, and they can cause staff to be overlooked.

4. The new Allure of Overseas Chinese Influencers

With ongoing travel restrictions keeping the mainland’s key opinion leaders (KOLs) stuck at home, many brands are filling the marketing void with KOLs living outside China, allowing them to diversify their marketing budgets and work around restrictions. Influencers living outside of China are able to ‘be the eyes’ of Chinese consumers by exploring local shops and providing unique, personal insights for their audiences back home.

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