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What's Making Waves

Weekly Waves: A weekly dose of insights, trends and news that has been shaking up the industry

1. AI Influencers

AI Influencers are again the hot topic of conversation, this time in China, who have introduced the idea of using virtual influencers to avoid scandals. These are created online to look like “perfect” people who never age or put on weight in order to promote the product to its best ability.

2. Gender Pay Gap

Despite the marketing industry being female dominated, a list of the top 10 highest paid influencers was recently released and surprisingly, there was quite an even split of both men and women. This begs the question, is it easier for men to earn a living off of social media?

3. Ads on Instagram Reels?

Instagram are to introduce ads within the Reels feature of the app which should help small businesses and brands increase customer engagement. The ads will allow brands to collaborate with popular influencers in order to reach a wider audience.

4. Personalised Messages

In an effort to create more diverse messages, brands are increasingly personalising content. This allows them to get granular with messages tailored to specific niche and demographics groups.

While brands can't speak to all audiences simultaneously, personalised messages will help them speak to a broader variety of people, creating a more inclusive message over time.

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