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Making waves this week: Drake's new album artwork goes viral and reminds us why we love meme culture and more countries introduce Influencer laws, to crackdown on unrealistic beauty.

1. Drake's "Certified Lover Boy" Album

With the release of Drakes's new album "Certified Lover Boy", people all over social media have been jumping on the bandwagon by posting memes and versions mimicking his album cover. We also added our own spin of the album cover above.

Read more here via CBC

2. Norway brings in a Law to fight unrealistic beauty standards

Influencers in Norway are now required by law to specify when their images have been retouched on social media, by labelling the image with a government-issued warning. This law was brought in to try and fight unrealistic beauty standards.

Read more here via Independent

3. Instagram are changing their swipe up links to clickable stickers

Instagram is changing swipe up links to clickable stickers. Currently, the existing link swipe-up option is only available to verified profiles or those with more than 10k followers. This won’t change right now, as the new link sticker won’t be available to all users either, however, it should make links more easily view.

Read more here via Cambridge Network.

4. Beauty Brands are becoming active in the gaming industry

Beauty brands are becoming more active in gaming to tap into the industry's 45% of gamers who identify as female and Influencers in the space. Charlotte Tilbury and NYX are the latest to launch strategic gaming partnerships.

Read more here via Glossy

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