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What's Making Waves w/c 13/09/21

Weekly Waves: A weekly dose of insights, trends and news that has been shaking up the industry

Today's weekly waves features the representation of minorities within advertising, alongside the merch-ization of beauty products and China's new realistic AI influencer 'Angie'.

1. Culturally Rich Advertising

New research shows Middle Eastern and Black Caribbean women feel they were the most negatively represented in adverts and Middle Eastern and Southern Asians were the least visible in advertising. The research highlights 72% of women from an ethnic minority backgrounds are more likely to buy products or services from brands that portray "people of ethnicity" positively and honestly.

Read more here via PRWeek

2. Men's Makeup on the Rise

The men’s grooming market is on the rise, with 2.2 per cent growth predicted for 2022. The sector is being fuelled by the impact of high-profile celebrities, challenging stereotypical gender norms and promoting specialist ‘men’s makeup products.

Read more here via Vogue Business

3. "Imperfect" Virtual Influencers

China's increase in creating "imperfect, Low-risk virtual influencers is problematic for some who argue they further fuel ideologies around beauty. Angie, who creates calming, casual videos, is the latest creation developed to challenge beauty standards online and help people feel more positive about themselves. Are man-made virtual Influencers a hindrance more than a help?

Read more here via CNN Style

4. The Merch-ization of Beauty

Over the past year, makeup and skin-care brands have been launching collaborations and merch non-stop to tap into the superfan communities of celebrities and influencers. The value of an automatic follower base or fan group has also spurred the collab-focused models of fast-growing beauty startups.

Read more here via Glossy

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