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Making waves this week, will "Grandfluencers" take over the influencer market and how is NFT's transforming influencer marketing?

1. Introducing "Grandfluencers"

Diversity within social media is widening with this new set of 'Grandfluencers' - a new breed of Influencer stars and content creators aged 70+. Their motivating and inspiring lifestyle content attracts a large multi-generational audience.

Read more here via The Independent

2. NFT's transforming Influencer Marketing

The digital and crypto worlds are taking over with a newer form of technology that will allow them to drive innovation. NFTs are unique codes to online pieces of art that can be sold over the internet. Brand's can work alongside influencers to create exclusive NFTs for their customers, working in the same way as brand/influencer collaborations but with a more innovative touch.

Read more here via TechCrunch

3. Influencers wanting higher pay due to pandemic

The pandemic has “changed the game for influencers”, which has sparked the demand for a salary increase. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, nearly half (48%) of consumers say they increased their time on social media, giving influencers a larger and more engaged fanbase and justifying higher rates.

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