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Making waves this week, will female athletes and staycations be taking over any time soon, and what has encouraged a surge in mental health awareness over the past few years?

1. Influencer Marketing and Mental Health

Influencers, brands, and social media platforms are shining a light on the mental health impacts of social media, helping to push our industry forward with wellness as a top priority. This trend will continue to gain momentum as brands seeking to connect with a new generation of customers realise that mental health is a core concern for today’s youth.

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2. The Female Sporting Industry

Over the last year alone, there has been a 30% increase in conversations surrounding women's leagues. By partnering with female athletes and sports teams, brands are helping to increase coverage, interest and positively change how people view women within the sporting industry.

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3. Influencers Fuel Domestic Tourism

52% of holidayers are deciding not to travel internationally this year, and 86% say they've become more interested in a location after seeing user-generated content; therefore, online creators who have been sharing staycation UGC have been helping to drive consideration and bookings, fuelling the recovery the domestic tourism industry.

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