• Shannon Walker

What's Making Waves

Weekly Waves: A weekly dose of insights, trends and news that has been shaking up the industry

1. Travel set to boom with the help of influencers

Wanderlust" has become a growing trend on TikTok over the last several months as millennials and Gen Z reminisce on pre-pandemic travel.

The travel industry hopes consumers embrace travel as a pathway "to growth, healing and unity". Influencers will be vital in boosting confidence and inspiring people to travel.

2. Gender Fluidity

Influencers are helping to mainstream gender fluidity in apparel, footwear and accessories.

Demand for contemporary and genderless has been rising fast since the beginning of the year.

Views on gender are changing, particularly among younger consumers.

Equality is becoming more important for society and younger generations which are reflecting in purchase behaviours. Genderfluid clothing has seen huge demand predominantly from the likes of Gen Z.

3. The rise of the "Gigfluencer"

The Pandemic caused a surge in first-time influencers who were monetising as a side gig. As a result, the term "Gigfluencer" boomed into popularity to describe the savvy individuals who were working from home, had extra time on their hands and wanted to find innovative ways to supplement their income and looked to social media to do so.

4. Trauma as a marketing tool

Brands using trauma as a marketing tool has been a trending topic since last summer.

In the latest example, a high street brand has come under fire for releasing a lingerie campaign seemingly inspired by George Floryd's tragic death. Many twitter conversations around the number of brands jumping on the BLM bandwagon question the integrity of one-off campaigns without long term commitments. Critics argue inclusivity in fashion is always worth celebrating — but it doesn't have to be linked to pain to be seen as legitimate.

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