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Communications are powerful and transformative, helping to connect you to your audience. Whether you're looking for PR strategy, inclusive workshops, or communication consulting, we have an offering to help you ‘make waves’.


With extensive experience in executing PR strategies, hosting inclusive workshops, and consulting on communications, we have a plethora of options to help you reach your target audience, connect with them in more meaningful ways, and make waves in the ever-growing and diversifying market!

Learn modern methods of effective PR strategy, influencer marketing, and social media marketing, and transform your business with meaningful brand communications that speak directly to your diverse audiences. 

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Make Waves Invite Background_edited.jpg

Insights Workshop

Thought-provoking and we'll researched, the Social Disruption team provided insights into a new dimension of Luxury for our H1 trends workshop. 


Exploring the key concepts and conversations that are set to be become the next big thing in the Metaverse, their read on the cultural zeitgeist and influencer, goes beyond complicated and frankly boring algorithms and is focused on emotional and cultural intelligence, ensuring brands are actually activating where their customers are.

Tarita Mullings, Associate Director, The Story


Diverse Communications Lunch and Learn

‘I’ve known Shannon for quite some time and wanted to introduce my wider team to her knowledge and expertise. She hosted a ‘lunch and learn’ session with us around shaping diverse communications and the team learnt a lot from it. They also appreciated having a space in which they could ask questions and be informed.

Account Director, Global Consumer Comms Agency

Brand Storytelling Education Workshop

Shannon is truly outstanding in her authentic storytelling of how brands can be truly compelling through sincere inclusivity.

Andy Green, Boston University

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