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7 Tips for meaningful connections with Black audiences this Black History Month

Whilst it's important to amplify Black voices throughout the year, Black History Month is a time to celebrate and acknowledge the contributions of Black people. When getting involved in the conversation, it's important to consider the right message that will land with audiences. Explore tips on how brands can use communications to connect meaningfully with black audiences this BHM.

Amplify Black Voices

Celebrate your existing community of customers, Influencers and employees. Consider using your platform to amplify the experience and perspective of Black voices in your community.

Think People First

Meaningful content centres around authenticity -choose the right message that places focus on people and community rather than commerciality.

Be Considerate and Mindful

Be mindful that not everyone wants to discuss diversity or be called upon to share experiences. It can be a sensitive time.

Conversations vs Campaigns

Aim to create meaningful conversations vs campaigns. The theme for this Back History Month is "Proud to Be". Elevate the theme of Black pride by inviting your audience, employees and community to share their "proud to be mantra" to drive this narrative forward.

Cultural Intelligence

Engage in ways to further understanding and experience Black History through online resources, books, films, art, businesses etc. Share this with your community to celebrate the history and inspire others.


Don't forget the celebratory aspect of the month and bring this to life through creativity, bringing people together, creating a sense of community and having fun.

Think Long Term

Carry on the momentum this month and onwards focus on ways to leverage and empower diverse voices in long term strategies beyond one-off campaigns.

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