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90+ Black Creators, Influencers, and Tastemakers to Follow Right Now

What we're reading Via Harpers Bazaar: It's time to show your support and diversify your social media feeds with these amazing creatives.

One of the best ways to support Black people right now, in addition to shopping Black-owned businesses, is to elevate Black voices and creators on social media platforms. We all know how a platform like Instagram can change peoples' lives and encourage entrepreneurship. However, most of the top fashion and beauty faces we see across the grid are white. I often hear from non-Black people, "There are no top influencers who are Black." And to that, I pose, have you ever thought it's perhaps because you actively hit the follow button for only white influencers? It's time to diversify your Instagram feeds with inspiring Black activists, style icons, tastemakers, beauty mavens, and every creative in between. Ahead, 90-plus gems to get you started.



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