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Black in Peace: Black Creatives' Guide to Inner Peace and Success

In our work with Black and Brown creatives, we consistently encounter the issue of mental health, stemming from the challenges of an industry rife with daily inequities and obstacles, often without safe spaces for processing these experiences.

While Black History Month celebrates Black achievements and unity, we recognise the need to include discussions about healing and well-being. "Black in Peace" was created to emphasise self-care, Black joy, and inner peace during this month, shedding light on high mental health issues in the Black creative community. Our mission is to counterbalance the burden of overused labels like Black excellence, strength, resilience, and the expectation to work doubly hard while confronting racism and daily reminders of inequality.

We teamed up with the prestigious Kettering Spa and some of the top wellness brands in the industry to craft a serene and rejuvenating experience, for our network of groundbreaking disruptors and mental health storytellers. Encouraging them to take a step back from the daily grind of being a minority and instead focus on finding inner peace.

Here are valuable tips and strategies that emerged from our enlightening conversation on on how POC creators can flourish and preserve their peace this Black History Month and beyond

1. Thrive In Your Tribe

It is crucial to be around people who reflect your values, personality, and goals. When you are surrounded by individuals who genuinely care about you, it provides a sense of security. You must find a community where you can be yourself and thrive without any inhibitions.

2. Don’t Dim Your Light!

Let us embrace the times when we find ourselves in underrepresented places, for it is in these moments that we have the opportunity to shine even brighter.

3. Be The Muse

Together, we share similar experiences. Your creative work has a positive impact on many people's lives. Keep shining and inspiring others and help build an unshakable community.

4. Amp Up The Mic

The ball is in your court. Embrace the courage within you to speak up when you feel uncomfortable. You have the ability to challenge any situation and take control of your narrative.

5. Switch Off, Prioritise Your Peace

Remember to take a step back from the chaos and nurture your mental health. Negative energy can weigh us down and take a toll on our attitude, work ethic, and overall mental well-being. By prioritising yourself, you are taking steps towards a happier, healthier you.

We're driven to empower diverse voices while nurturing safe spaces that encourage meaningful conversations about well-being while advocating for positive change and diversity.

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