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Cannes Lions Insights 2024

Following an immersive week in Cannes, filled with insights from industry leaders, stimulating conversations, and inspiration from groundbreaking work, here are our takeaways on the future of communications.

1. From Consumer to Co-Creator

The dynamic between brands and consumers is evolving into a true partnership. Consumers want their voices heard and valued by brands. As a result, brands will increasingly see their audiences not just as consumers, but as co-creators. This shift will be evident in product development and marketing strategies.

2. Creators Shifting Culture

For the first time in over 70 years, Cannes introduced a creator track, underscoring the growing influence of creators in the marcomms world. Creators are undeniably disrupting the industry. Here are some expected trends:

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Systems and mindsets built on traditional media will evolve with better processes and increased collaboration, fostering positive working relationships between brands and creators.

  • Creators in Broadcasting: Expect a rise in creators entering the broadcast space, challenging conventional programming. Many are launching their own production companies, leading to a boom in creator-led shows.

  • Direct Feedback Loops: Digital creators are redefining brand-audience relationships. Audiences can now provide immediate feedback, expecting brands to listen and adapt based on these interactions.

3. Cultural Relevance: Earned, Not Bought

Brands are recognising the importance of credibility and authenticity in engaging with culture. Instead of one-off moments, brands will invest in long-term cultural impact. This will lead to more collaborations and partnerships with culturally connected people, organisations, and other brands. Additionally, audiences expect richer, more inclusive storytelling, particularly representing diverse ethnic backgrounds.

4. Everybody's Doing AI

AI's mass adoption is inevitable. Historically, humans have leveraged tech to make life simpler, and as AI becomes more sophisticated, we'll see it used in everyday life - therefore, AI will cease to be a buzzword but a norm. However, marketers emphasise the need to maintain humanity in AI, ensuring inclusivity and diverse voices are foundational.

5. Accessibility: The Norm, Not an Exception

Leading brands are demonstrating the ease of making communications and products accessible, aiming to influence widespread adoption. Accessibility will no longer be an afterthought but a standard practice that is considered and implemented from the start of projects and campaigns.  

These insights from Cannes 2024 highlight the transformative trends shaping the future of communications. As we move forward, brands must embrace these changes to stay relevant and effectively engage with their audiences. By fostering partnerships with consumers, forming the right partnerships, collaborating with creators, investing in cultural relevance, thoughtfully integrating AI and prioritising accessibility, brands can navigate the evolving landscape and make a lasting impact.



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