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Celebrating Disability Pride Month: Enhancing Accessibility and Inclusivity in Branded Marketing

In honour of Disability Pride Month, it's essential to reflect on how we can make branded marketing  more accessible and inclusive for all to enjoy.

Celebrated every July, Disability Pride Month recognises the identities, culture, and contributions of individuals with disabilities. Ensuring the marcomms industry is accessible is key to promoting diversity and equality, helping to foster a more inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and represented. Here are three profound ways to achieve this: 

1. Heightening Representation

When individuals see themselves authentically represented, they feel empowered and validated. Partnering with disability pride creators to amplify their stories, tailoring your campaigns to promote accessible communications, and including accessibility guidelines in content briefs are effective ways to achieve this. This representation educates the broader public, driving positive change by highlighting the importance of inclusion whilst uplifting someone else's journey. For richer results opt to collaborate and consult with individuals in the community to ensure work maintains authenticity and their input considered from the start. 

2. Keeping It Simple

By using plain, consistent, and straightforward language, we ensure that information is easily understandable for everyone, regardless of their background or abilities; for example, avoiding high colour contrasts, extreme jargon, and terms that carry negative connotations. This approach not only enhances accessibility but also benefits a broader audience by reducing confusion and barriers to comprehension. 

3. Thoughtful Visual Content

When creating visual content, it is essential to consider that some disabilities are invisible, highlighting the importance of design approaches. From including closed captions, transcripts, and audio descriptions to minimising fast-moving graphics and flashing lights, this accommodates diverse audiences, acknowledging the varying needs and abilities within the community, creating a safe and enjoyable user experience. 

As we commemorate Disability Pride Month, let us commit ourselves to continuous improvement, challenge norms, embrace innovation, and champion accessibility in all facets of life. Be open to feedback and include the thoughts and ideas of individuals belonging to the communities you want to reach and reflect. Consequently building inspiring brand communications that all people can see themselves reflected in and enjoy. 

Connect with us to collaborate with our diverse network of creators and champion inclusivity at 


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