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How to win at Christmas Campaigns this year

Three strategies to navigate Christmas campaigns in a challenging climate.

'Tis the season of holiday campaigns. As Christmas looks a little different this year, to win Christmas marketers and brands need to adapt their strategy to align with the current climate and the needs of their audiences. Nostalgia, resilience and joy are key themes this year, so up the “feel good” stakes to connect to consumers through purposeful and meaningful messaging. Here are three key strategies your brand can employ.

Feel Good Messaging

Place less emphasis on e-commerce messages to strategies around uplifting memories, escapism joy and resilience.

Consumers are resonating strongly with messages around the typical holiday aesthetic such as decorations, Santa hats, Christmas dinner etc. Therefore increase feel-good messaging such as nostalgia and emotion to engage audiences.

User-Generated Content

People connect with other people - so include user-generated content to enable your audience to bond vicariously with others through relatable and authentic content. This will also build a strong sense of community around your brand at a time people are craving connections.

Leverage Influencer Marketing

This year, Influencers are being increasingly sought to spread holiday cheer. Through their creative storytelling abilities, content creators can humanise your brand messages as well as inspire, provide entertainment, joy and escapism to your audience this holiday season.

Influencers help to cut through the noise and deliver timely and targeted messages - so a perfect medium for creatively getting across key messages and launches subtly at a time people don't want to feel "sold to".

To get the best out of your holiday messages, focus on placing the consumer at the heart of your strategy. Drill down into what will make people feel good at this time of year, by adopting this purposeful approach in your messaging, this will ultimately help your community transfer a positive sentiment about your brand and aid in a successful Christmas Campaigns.


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