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Influencers: Crisis-Proof Storytellers

4 lessons brands can learn from Influencers to navigate a new normal

Influencers are not only self-isolation experts but creative polymaths who are used to creating content with the bare minimum to speak to a wide audience. As a result, many were able to adapt to the crisis and transition to the new normal with ease whilst maintaining connections with their community.

We've taken cues from how these innate Digital Storytellers have been adapting to these unprecedented times to help inspire businesses to adopt similar strategies in uncertain times.

1. Tailor messages to consumers anxieties

Influencers are experts in listening to what is happening and adapting their approach to add value to the existing conversation by using creativity to put their take on things. They’ve used the crisis to stay attuned to the news, how people felt, what they needed and adapted their content accordingly to bring information, levity, escapism as required. It’s important for brands not to just alter their content to fit what is trending, but address the situation, keep their consumers abreast of changes and be sensitive to what is going on.

2. Authenticity and transparency

Many content creators peeled back the curtain to focus on creating raw and real-time content to let their audience into how they are navigating the Covid-19 crisis. This transparency enabled stronger engagement and connections as audiences were able to relate to their circumstances as well as be inspired by how they are handling it. Brands can emulate this by spotlighting their internal Influencers in their communications such as employees and customers to give their consumers further insight into the people behind the brand and who makes up their community. This level of transparency will help to humanise a brand, reinforce values and creates a sense of community.

3. Good Influence

In an age where it’s becoming increasingly important to stand something, the pandemic saw Influencers lead the way in using their platforms to create meaningful content, spotlight small businesses who would benefit from increase exposure and raise awareness of social issues. Consumers are demanding more from the brands they invest in, so if brands want to maintain relationships with their consumers, they must show how their values align with them and that they have a purpose beyond making a profit. Giving back is equally in this time, consumers are wanting brands to put their money where their mouth is, it’s not enough to say what you stand for but take actions that show genuine commitment and investment to causes.

4. Creative use of video

Whilst Tik Tok saw record levels of users, Influencers got creative and segued onto the platform too and made use of other video platforms such as Instastory, IGTV and Youtube. Video enabled Influencers to show their personality whilst connect to a new and younger audience who enjoy organic and lighthearted content. The crisis has provided an opportunity for brands to deepen opportunities to expand creativity which involves the use of video for more authentic and personable content.

Although no one can predict what the last few months of the year will hold, the earlier months have definitely shown the industry that 'opposition brings opportunity'. Brands can continue to thrive and grow their community in this time by adopting the approaches used by the experts who are used to operating within the constraints of lockdown.

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