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Key Takeaways from Cannes Lions 2023

A captivating week at the Cannes Creativity Festival filled us with inspiration and a renewed appreciation for the power of creativity. From thought-provoking discussions to vibrant events that celebrated and united creatives from diverse backgrounds to awe-inspiring keynotes and campaigns, the festival provided unforgettable moments and invaluable insights. In this blog post, we share a compilation of the most inspiring takeaways, shedding light on the hot topics that made the most waves.

Key Takeaways:

AI - A creative help or hindrance?

Conversations around AI were met with both excitement and exasperation. Despite the mixed reception, it's undeniably set to be part of the future of creativity and, due to its vast capabilities and features, should be handled with care. Key considerations should be around how AI can be used as a tool of support and inspiration rather than obliterating creatives, leveraged to include those historically left behind rather than cause further exclusion, and decoded by human intelligence and empathy.

The future of comms looks "local"

It's impossible to be everywhere, and brands looking to foster closer and more relatable communications are looking at hyperlocal models to do this. Radical localisation emerged as a key theme, emphasising the importance of reaching beyond broad communities to establish meaningful connections with individuals at a more granular level.

Cultural Appreciation

Diversity and inclusion was a prominent theme woven into the fabric of the festival, with many citing this to be the "most diverse Cannes lions", which echoed throughout the conversations, exceptional diverse talent in the programme and incredible activations from groups such as Black at Cannes and Cannes Can: Diversity Collective - Inkwell Beach. Black and brown voices were loud, celebrating the rich creativity in these groups and sharing rich insights such as highlighting this demographic's undeniable power in influencing mainstream culture and significantly impacting bottom lines.

Creative Rebellion

Purpose underpinned the majority of conversations and winning work with creatives tapping into the power of creativity to positively impact people and the planet. From Black Panthers Danai Gurira's keynote on dismantling stereotypes through artistic expressions to hearing of influential projects that motivated lawmakers to enact meaningful legislative changes...Cannes left us feeling deeply inspired and proud to be a part of an industry that illuminates the world.

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