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Mindful Cultural Communications

With the right message, diligence, respect and sensitivity, it's easy to get cultural communications right.

The Eid season is upon us. This is a time when businesses increase their marketing to Muslim consumers to tap into the increase spending period. With the right message, diligence, respect and sensitivity it's easy to get cultural communications right, so here are a few tips to get you inspired with your seasonal messaging.

Choose the right message: Messages should be authentic, endearing and personalised. Focus should move away from commercial messages, but reflect the values of the celebrations such as encouraging customers to celebrate the festival with love and togetherness.

Community focused

Cultural occasions are the perfect time to celebrate your diverse customers' voices through sharing and encouraging User Generated Content (UGC). You could create a hashtag and invite people to share how they are celebrating Eid, what tips they have etc.

Employee Advocates

Share how your multicultural employees are celebrating Eid or tips they may have to inspire your customers to have your content be narrated by an authentic voice in the Muslim community.


Connect with Muslim creatives and be part of their authentic Eid storytelling. Many Influencers provide brand consultancy to avoid issues such as tokenism, cultural insensitivities and help with breaking new markets, so this is a perfect time to partner on a long term strategy.

Need support in creating a long term and purposeful engagement strategy? Get in touch to find out how we can support you:

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