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Supporting Black Creatives Black History Month and Beyond

A brief guide on what to stop, start and continue to even the playing field, celebrate and uplift the abundance of creative Black talent in the industry this Black History Month and beyond.


  • Using a bad experience with one POC creative to discriminate against/stop working with an entire demographic

  • Planning Black History Month activity last-minute - factor into brand planning.

  • Asking Black creators to work for free or at a reduced rate.

  • Supporting cultural appropriation.

  • Trauma porn

  • Tokenism

  • Fuelling colourism

  • Avoiding/dismantling BHM (Diverse HistoryMonth is not a thing!)


  • Platforming uplifting conversations rather than strictly focusing on pain and struggle.

  • Crediting Black talent for their ideas, original works and culture.

  • Paying Black talent fairly.

  • Celebrating and platforming Black men, they exist too.

  • Hiring Black people in all aspects of your business, especially leadership positions.

  • Setting Black talent up for success.


  • Working with a breadth of different individuals within the Black community.

  • Use working with Black talent as an opportunity to learn from them and their audiences.

  • Show up meaningfully in communities.

  • To credit and respect Black talent more.

  • Learning and listening.

  • Platforming Black joy, peace and wellness.

  • Building long-lasting relations with Black talent this BHM and beyond.

Learn more about insights and expertise to help you connect more meaningfully with diverse audiences.


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