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Tips to make communications more accessible

Three tactics marketers can employ to make communications enjoyable for all to consume.

Today, we celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. 81% of individuals with a disability have negative emotions towards brands when communications are not accessible. Marketing has the ability to make people feel a sense of belonging, feel seen and heard: unfortunately, for people with disabilities, they remain one of the largest underrepresented groups.

We shared a few of the tools and tactics marketers can consider to make content, campaigns and communications more accessible and enjoyable for all to consume.

Visual content

  • Enhance visual content for people with impairments by including closed captions, transcripts and audio descriptions.

  • Do not use non-disabled actors or models to portray a disability; this can be harmful and misrepresent the disabled community.

  • Avoid multiple fast-moving graphics.

  • Avoid using flashing lights.

  • Keep writing plain, consistent and straightforward.

  • Use high colour contrast text.

  • Avoid the use of abbreviations and jargon.

  • Avoid using terms linked to disability to convey negative meanings.

  • Be mindful of using inclusive language

Influencer Content

  • Partner with creators with disabilities to amplify their stories, help educate audiences and ensure people with disabilities are represented authentically and appropriately.

  • Encourage influencers to be a part of the effort to make communications accessible.

  • Include direction in briefs for content to include closed captions, accessible format suggestions etc.

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