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Creating Connections during a Crisis

Tips to keep your brand community active and thriving during the Pandemic.

The connections you build during this time will be fundamental to your business both during and after the Pandemic. Here are 5 tips to keep your community active and thriving during the Covid-19

Healthy Dialogue

Share accurate and helpful information from reliable sources on the pandemic.

Be mindful that your audiences may crave a respite from bad news, so levity and positive messages should be considered.

Meet people where they are

Pivot your strategy to mirror and align with the changes that your audiences are experiencing, such as increased digital consumption, under lockdown etc. Adjust your communication to be relatable to their situations.


A great way to get in front of your ideal community is by building relationships with key thought leaders in your space who can advocate your brand and connect you directly with your ideal audience.

Encourage a sense of community

Humanise your brand by heightening human voices. Invite your community into your brand, share their UGC, provide an opportunity for them to interact with each other and gather online.

Ask Questions

Open opportunities for two way dialogue to directly ask how you can best support your community and what they want to see, to better understand their needs. 

Get in touch for strategic support to build community and brand awareness.

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