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Creating Racially Diverse Brand Narratives

Creating culturally rich narratives means acknowledging the perspectives of people from different backgrounds, creating a space for these voices to be heard and building a community founded on respect.

Social Disruption was launched as we're passionate about helping businesses create purposeful and culturally rich narratives. We have put together these 4 points to get you thinking about how you can start implementing racially diverse brand communications.

1. Language

Language is at the heart of communication and if not used in a mindful capacity or with diversity in mind it can be weaponising, ostracising and offensive. Ways to overcome this includes writing with a broad audience in mind, considering tone of voice and appropriate use of cultural references. This will ensure that your communication resonates with different people and maintains the right balance.

2. Brand Representations

Ensuring a diversity of people are considered and involved in the creative processes helps to create material that connects. Your community wants to see themselves in your brand and feel welcomed. Consider the representations portrayed in Influencer campaigns, visual brand communications, social media etc.

Working with multi-ethnic teams and partnering with diverse creatives enables authentic narratives which have not been created through one single gaze - reducing the risk of oversights, stereotypes and unconscious bias etc.

3. Listening

Listen intently to your audience's feedback with an empathetic ear and willingness to learn, acknowledge and take affirmative action. This will reinforce cultural intelligence and help to shape progressive strategies. Consult with experts in your field to help shape and navigate diversity and inclusivity effectively and authentically by lending their experience and perspective.

4. Research

Take the time to diligently understand the content and history of movements, hashtags, stories, cultural celebrations etc before participating and sharing. Consider inviting a cultural leader or expert on your platform to amplify their voice, experience and perspective instead.

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