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Brand Communications During a Crisis

9 tips to help shape brand narratives and leverage storytelling

Marketing as we know it is changing shape. Especially now during the current climate which is causing digital platforms to be the central place people are congregating in an attempt to stay informed and connected. Despite the many challenges businesses face, there is an opportunity to connect and add value to brand communities through creative, sensitive, meaningful and cost-efficient communications. We've shared 9 tips to help shape brand narratives during a crisis.

Community Building

Taking the time to focus on your community will build a stronger relationships during

this time, leading to increased trust, loyalty and advocacy

Customer Care

Customer communication should focus on community-building efforts and addressing consumers’ changing needs and concerns.


Be clear about challenges with your audience, as your hard decisions will be more understandable such as laying off staff, closing doors etc.

Be Purposeful

Ensure brand message is essential, useful and meaningful to customers and audiences, not just your brand.


Use this time to reinvent how you do what you do, bring customers new alternatives, new value and in the process reinvent your own brand.

Get Digital Savvy

Social distancing means everything is happening online. This is a good time for smaller businesses to adjust to the digital landscape and plan engaging online initiatives.


‘We are all in this together.’ Team up with your community, competitors and other brands

to tackle universal problems through collective action.


Strengthen relationships with stakeholders who act as an extension of your communication

and can support brand awareness at this time eg employees, influencers, press, media etc.

Spread Positivity

‘Light drives out darkness’ – In the face of a situation we have no control over, think how

you can be a light to ease the feeling of helplessness and despair so many feel.


Ensure the values you are communicating are backed by action

Get in touch to learn how we can support you and your community-building efforts in these times



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