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Community Building During a Crisis

6 tips on cultivating connections with your audience

There are many benefits of building connections with your online community, especially in these times. By the end of the pandemic, you want the bond between you and your community to be as strong as ever.

The brands that are doing it right are fostering a sense of community through engaging content, virtual social gatherings and other creative initiatives that involve customers. Through effective messaging and communication, brands can increase their role in consumer's lives and maintain positive relationships beyond the short-term.

We’ve compiled 6 quick tips to get you started in cultivating a community.

1. Listening

Listen to the conversations that your community are having. Get involved with and add value to these topics.

2. Tastemakers

Seek out the individuals you want to be part of your community and start engaging with them.

3. Visibility

Use relevant hashtags for your community to easily find and connect with you.

4. UGC

Celebrate your advocates by re-posting individuals who have tagged your brand in their content.

5. Aesthetic

Think about the stories your visuals and messages are communicating about your brand

Is it a story people want to engage with?

6. Converse

Social media is all about connectivity, so provide opportunities for dialogue.

Ask questions, get interactive and engage

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