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IWD: Celebrating Inspiring Changemakers

As we enter International Women’s Month, we wanted to celebrate and acknowledge the incredible changemakers who embody this year's IWD theme of “inspiring inclusion” all year round.

It’s been an amazing start to the year, marked by a series of empowering campaigns. From showcasing age-inclusive representation with @no7uk X @miamauge to celebrating curves and confidence with @victoriassecretuk @cydneythelight. We’re proud to work with and represent changemakers whose messages inspire us and catalase action, motivating a more inclusive and equitable world. Below, we proudly highlight the extraordinary individuals whose resilience, courage, and unwavering commitment are beacons of hope and inspiration.




With an illustrious career as the author of “Big Dress Energy”, Shakaila has collaborated with renowned fashion and beauty brands, including Net-A-Porter, Maybelline, Calvin Klein and Next. Currently serving as the in-house fashion psychologist for Afterpay, she brings a deep understanding of the psychological nuances behind fashion and beauty trends, benefiting both brands and consumers. As a sought-after expert, Shakaila has shared her insights on prestigious publications such as Forbes, Vogue Business and Harper's Bazaar. Whilst making notable guest appearances on major television platforms, including ITV and NBCLx in the USA.


Kickstarting the year with a series of meaningful collaborations, Cydney The Light has emerged as one of the pillars of empowerment and authenticity in the wellness community. Partnering with cult favourite Sol de Janeiro, embracing "mum bodies" with Victoria's Secret, and challenging societal beauty standards with Buttah Skincare, drawing from her experience as a longtime battler of adult acne. Cydney continues to cultivate a vibrant community centred around self-acceptance creating a safe space for others to relate, connect, and find solace in their own experiences.


Nyome, a model and activist, stands as an inspiration with her unwavering commitment to promoting body equality and mental health awareness. Notably, she led a social movement driving Instagram and Facebook to change their policies, advocating for fair treatment of all body types, particularly Black plus-size bodies. While partnering with renowned brands like Dove, Adidas, and Cult Beauty and gracing the pages of Glamour UK, Vogue Italia, and Grazia, Nyome's work is a powerful testament to her commitment to driving change and championing creative freedom.


Mia's refusal to be ignored as a midlife woman evoked her mission to create an authentic silver space for the next generation and to shake up our youth-obsessed world. In her quest for change, she's celebrated through her long-term partnership with No7 UK whilst collaborating with renowned brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, Russell and Bromley, Liz Earle, Vestiaire Collective and Glossier. Her unwavering advocacy for age inclusivity is a testament to her commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable world.

As we reflect on the remarkable contributions of these diverse changemakers, we are reminded of the power we have as individuals to shift the narrative and write our own stories while motivating others. This International Women's Month, let us continue to celebrate and uplift the voices of those who challenge norms, advocate for inclusivity, and inspire us to embrace authenticity in all its forms.

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