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Black History Month: Creating Mindful Cultural Communications

4 tips for creating impactful and meaningful brand communications this BHM

Black History Month is around the corner, an annual occurrence to celebrate the achievements of Black people, remember key events and a time of bringing people together. The mission "Dig Deeper, Look Closer, Think Bigger couldn't be more relevant in 2020, so we've shared a few ways to inspire businesses to take a mindful approach to tailored BHM campaigns and messages.

1. Choose the right message

Be attuned and sensitive to the current climate, the issues affecting Black people and what they care about. This is a time when ‘people’ should be put before commercial focuses, therefore reflect the values of the occasion such as honouring historical figures, platform the voice and stories of cultural leaders, create a forum for conversations and don't forget the celebratory aspect - get creative, have fun bringing people together and creating a sense of community.

If you don’t know what to say or do, remember it's not about getting things 100% perfect. Other ways to support could be: partnering with an existing BHM or similar organisation to raise awareness or financially invest in their work; creating a space to add value to existing conversations; listening and provide forums to gain feedback.

2. Pass the mic

As a month-long celebration of achievements by Black individuals, this is the perfect time to place a focused spotlight on your existing community of customers, Influencers and employees. Consider amplifying the experience and perspective of different individuals by getting them involved in thought-provoking conversations, inviting them to share what BHM means to them, how they celebrate it and share their UGC.

3. Diligent Research

Take the time to understand the context and history of movements, hashtags, stories, cultural celebrations and credit the right sources before participating and sharing. More than ever there is a plethora of resources to engage with to ensure correct terminology, language etc is used. The best starting point are the people already in your network who can provide valuable feedback and act as sounding boards such as employees, consultants or specialist agencies.

4. Diversity and Inclusivity starts within

Ensure diversity is a key element not just at the end of marketing campaigns but throughout the ideation, creative, strategic and execution process. This will increase the likelihood of creating material that connects authentically to the demographic you are speaking to and reduces the risk of weaponisation, oversights and missteps.

As well as celebrating Black individuals, think about ways you can make an active difference to the community and organisations that exists to revolt racial injustice.

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