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Key takeaways from the best in social media marketing.

Founder Shannon, hosted the Language, culture and inclusivity panel at SocailDay21, the UK's #1 Social media marketing festival for brands, agencies, creators and influencers. Our Trainees Charlotte and Emmanuella share their key takeaways from the three-day extravaganza and what they learned from top marketers.

Community Building

Building an authentic community for your brand is very important. Find advocates and work closely with them, involve the community with the development of products.

"Audiences can be purchased. Communities must be earned."

AR and "In lens" marketing

When consumers decide to interact with a brand through their cameras such as via filters and AR technology, they are inviting them into their space. There's nothing more intimate than that. - Snapchat

People want to immerse themselves into the products/brands they love at home, or wherever they are. AR and the in lens experience help do this.

The upcoming predicted trends in AR include:

  • Increased community of AR artists.

  • Businesses to create 3D products in line with camera marketing strategy.

  • AR try before buy will lessen returns and aid more sustainable shopping

Accessible Marketing

To connect meaningfully to the disabled community, brands should reflect authentic representations of everyday people who have disabilities, rather than the typical "superhero" "superhuman" "Paralympian" narratives.

The disabled community wants to be marketed to. We want adverts we can relate to, with people like us. We want to be seen heard and valued not just as people but as consumers. - Purple Goat agency

How Consumers are using Social Media

93% of TikTok users don’t post content on the platform, they go on it to be entertained. It's important to understand how and why your target audience consumes social media to adapt your communications accordingly on each channel.

Brands turn to Twitter for cultural relevance. Relevance is a key factor in attracting new customers and increasing sales.

Instagram is increasing becoming video first. Brand should start aligning their strategies to this.

Emotion in Marketing

Emotion in influencer marketing is effective. If a piece of content has an emotional connection, this drives 310% consideration and 215% purchase intent. - Tailify

Audio is increasingly becoming popular. The emotive elements in creativity come from audio. It gives brands a voice and provides personal and two-way communication.

Inclusive Communications

When it comes to championing more Diversity and Inclusivity in your business, don't be afraid to make mistakes. The right way to rectify missteps is to listen, learn and have an action plan of long term steps that will create meaningful change. This will increase transparency and accountability. - Social Disruption

Aim to connect and create, not influence

Influencing is a byproduct. We cannot influence first if we do not first create. - Pepper Studio

Thank you SocialDayLive for having us.

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