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What consumers want from brands amid Covid-19

Adopt a 'people first' approach by pivoting messages to serve the needs of your consumers

Marketeers often get caught up in what they think audiences and consumers want. As advocates of ‘people first’ strategies, we looked at new research on what consumers say they want from brands in this current climate (swipe left).

Whilst smaller businesses do not have the resources to donate mass funds or medical supplies, by simply adjusting brand messages to be positive, entertaining or distracting can be helpful contributions to consumers lives.

Pivot your communication strategies based on research on what consumers actually say they want from brands below:

  • 85% of consumers say we could all use a bit more good news.

  • 59% say they miss having conversations that don’t involve the current pandemic. 55% think that there are important things other than coronavirus that aren't being addressed.

  • 78% of consumers believe brands should help them in their daily lives.

  • 74% think companies should not exploit the situation.

  • Consumers expect to hear from brands across all sectors. An average of 49% want to hear the same amount from brands and 25% want to hear more, especially from categories such as; food and drink, health, retailers and finance.

Stats based on Opinium Research

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