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5 “C's” to remember when communicating during a Crisis

Where there is opposition, there is always opportunity.

2021 may have begun with a lockdown, but 2020 prepared us for difficult times and highlighted the key strategies brands can adopt to thrive in trying times. Here are five "C's" we believe will help to strengthen your communication strategy throughout the Pandemic.


Want to build a stronger relationship with your community at a time people have never felt more isolated? Adopt a people-first approach by putting your consumer at the centre of your strategy. Think about their needs, challenges and wants. By adding value to your community in difficult times you will strengthen brand love, loyalty and advocacy. These factors are not only key in buyers purchasing decisions, but encourage consumers to form a positive sentiment of your brand.


How do you cut through the online noise and increase buyer confidence in uncertain times? Research shows when people do trust a brand, they spend more over longer periods of time. Therefore be as transparent as possible, this will encourage customers to be more understanding, empathetic and confident to invest in your organisation. You can increase clarity in your communications by updating consumers on how lockdown and other challenges may affect their experience such as cancelled orders, delayed deliveries and customer response. Furthermore, by 'peeling back the curtain', you will also help your community to feel closer to your brand and follow your journey more closely.


Use your communication to empathise and relate to your consumers and be helpful to show that as a brand you are there for them. This could be through entertaining or feel-good messages that provide escapism, levity and nostalgia or simply meeting people where they are at by heightening relatable “at home” themed campaigns.


As restrictions force us to become more isolated, the stronger the desire to maintain staying connected. Seek community-building opportunities to increase engagement and communication with your consumers during lockdown. Some ways to do this is by hosting interactive online events, creating micro-network groups, celebrating advocates through UGC and working with thought leaders in your community.


In unprecedented times, look to the experts who are adept at forming connections with thousands of people from the comfort of their homes, and used to creating content with the bare minimum. Whilst traditional methods of marketing have come to halt, Influencers and creatives have proved to be a valuable asset in a crisis. They are an “at home” and cost-effective alternative to production studios and have the ability to cut through the noise to position a brand, product or message in front of a highly engaged audience. Work with individuals who are aligned to your brand as well as your target audience to keep your brand front of mind during these times.

2021 may still look as cloudy as 2020, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Whatever the new normal looks like when restrictions lift, your efforts during a crisis will be rewarded and remembered by loyal consumers you took the time to invest in. Now is not the time to slow down but the time to listen, learn and pivot your strategy to suit the circumstances and your consumer needs.


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